Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Day

I have done a horrible job at blogging! It was suppose to be a everyday thing, but its barely a monthly occurrence. This month has been rough. I have been reborning less and less. My wedding was set for this month, but a series of events caused us to move our date. It's becoming more and more apparent that marrying someone who doesnt reside in the US is going to be more difficult that I originally planned. In the meantime I have pulled out a few kits, and I am going to emerge myself in painting. Pictures to come soon.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can I keep her?

I know its been too long since I blogged. I am preparing for my wedding, and my move to Miami. My reborn supplies are suppose to be boxed up and ready to go, but I had to finish this baby. I have one more doll I hope to finish before flying out next week, but its looking doubtful. Anyway, I want to share my newest creation Baby Monica. She is 4lbs 10oz, 20", and absolutely adorable. I have already decided that once I get settled I am making one for me to keep. You may view more photos of her on my site starting tomorrow at http://www.cuddlemesoft.com/