Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greetings from France

I know its been much too long since I have posted any new babies, or blogged. There have been so many changes in my last over the past several months, first with the car accident that took me a few months to get back in the swing of things. Secondly I flew to Paris just before the New Year to spend time with my fiance, and to get married here. I would like to say Europe is nice, but there is no place like the USA. With my asthma its taken me some time to adjust to the climate, I am currently fighting a bug I caught on the metro. The funny thing is being from Florida I was so fascinated with the subway and the whole under ground train system, somewhere along the way I forgot I am a bit of a germaphobe but after being sick for a week trust me I fully remember. Not reborning is driving me crazy so I have been putting the finishing touches on 2 dolls I started in Fl. I posted a photo of Skyler Reborn baby boy will be available on my site next week Oh and I have started sculpting, let me say its not easy for me yet; I have to catch my niche but I hope to offer some beautiful ooak babies in the future.

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