Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beautiful Biracial Baby Girl - Adopted

Born: October 27th, 2012 
6lbs 9oz 
21.5" with slightly bent legs 
3/4 Limb 
Sold out Addie kit by Charisse Faraut
Premium Mohair Hair 
Rooted Lashes, and Hair 
Adorable Outfits included 
She has a baby boo boo over her eye brow, its so faint that my camera would not pick it up. 
No Sand is used in any of my babies so they 
are free to travel to anywhere in the world

More photos on my site


  1. Wow she has my name spelled exact same way I know your sold out but it would be an honor and privilege if u can make her just one more time for me it would mean the world willing to pay anything for a beautiful blessing like her xoxo........

    1. Thank you for your interest. This sculpt is completely sold out, however I may be able to find a similar kit. Please email me at for details.

      Thank you,