Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Arrival - Jonah - Biracial Reborn Baby Boy

I hope you are having a stress free week while gearing up for the holidays. 
I would like to introduce an adorable biracial baby boy
Jonah Michael
He was created from a sold out Korey sculpt by Helen Connors
Please visit the link below for details

I have been working on a reborn Toddler for one of my very special customers. I don't normally  produce Toddlers, but I could not resist the challenge. A change in hair gave me an additional toddler to sell so I am working to have both completed by the end of the week. 
Justice created from the Bella kit by Andrea Arcello will be available along with a baby (For once I do not have a name) created from the long sold out Maisie sculpt by Marita Winters. 
Last but not least I was asked to reborn a prototype, and he will be release before Christmas.
Below is a photo of Jonah

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